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About Language House London

We are based in central London, and employ over 50 people, from all over the world, who are either native English speakers or have English as their second language. Our English teachers understand what it’s like to move to England, with little or no English. Many of them are former students, and have moved up through our classes to become fluent in English.

Tailored support, when and where you need it

More than half of our English tutors have experienced moving to a foreign country, and learned English as a second language, so we understand exactly how confusing and lonely it can be. So, we will support you every step of the way, as you move from limited English, to confidence, or even fluency.

Classes for all levels

Whatever your English level, we have classes to suit you. Whether you are starting from no English, or want to improve your confidence and fluency, we have a class for you. The more English you speak to start with, the few classes you’ll need. We also offer you a mentor, who is from your home country. They will help you feel more at home, and help you with writing a CV, or other tasks.

A flexible schedule

We have five classes every week day, each two hours long, and also offer two intensive five-hour classes on Saturdays. We’ve made it so easy to find the time to learn English, even if you work shifts. Simply book onto the sessions that work with your other commitments.

Life-changing results

Our English students gain so much: better prospects, improved confidence, more job opportunities, and much more. Pupils go on to get better jobs, and feel more at home here in London and in the rest of the country. Learning English opens the door to success, not just in England, but around the world.

Affordable English classes

We’ve made it affordable to learn English in London, by offering a variety of ways to pay. You can pay as you learn, or we offer a generous discount if you pay in full before you begin. If you refer a friend to learn English with us, you’ll get a discount. We think it’s the most affordable and quickest way to learn English in London.

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